Taiwan Trip – Day 4

Good Morning !!!

I feeling update for taiwan trip so late and long time for update….haha

Niece !!

I don’t know….What i say that thing?

Also this…i dont know the name – -*

This is mahjong ,i jus training and know about it…haha hard to play

I will win as soon…but finally i lose…..fucking damn shit

My girlfriend playing mahjong….easy for her….haha

At night ,we went to KTV for sing a song…it’s near from House’s My brother in law

We are finding the songs.

Suddenly ,i just took a pic…haha….My girlfriend wearing Comme Des Garcons….so nice

We are still finding the song ^^

So took a pic again !!

Want some drink for drunk and sing a songs….Heineken

Waiting for some foods….haha

P.S. Thx u very much for everythings…..i will remember u all good with me ^^

What that ???

Many ppl in here !!


And friends

And friends….haha (Pls see someone wearing purple shirt…he always act like this…never smile ^^ )

Lion !!!!

I open the books and find the song….suddenly i saw this…haha

Act like you know ^^

Love u all !!

And love u too

We leave around 3 a.m. ,No ppl in here

Bye bye ^^

Thx for ur time to see in my blog

Support u all


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