Taiwan Trip – Day 5

Hi again !!!

She still fresh !!

Good morning !!!

On the way !!

Took pic !!

Today we went to Korean Food !!!

Waiting for foods

But she not wait !!


And eat

Not eat ,it’s my jeans

Eat again ,look like Tom Yum Kung

We are finished !!

Took pic again !!

We are going back home

So just rest….ZzZZzzzz

Already home !!

She still eat…haha

We are going to motorcycle


Fino !!

U all ready ??

I ready



Play Taiwan Lottery


Waiting for Lottery

Snapshot again

Nice motorcycle !!


We are eat again

Still took a pic

Bye Bye


One Response to “Taiwan Trip – Day 5”

  1. มอไซต์ยั่วมาก … ว่าแต่ไม่มีไรทำอะดิมาอัพเนี่ย

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