Taiwan Trip – Day 7

Last time !!!

My mac got problem about update mac os software and my all pictures around 5x,xxx gone !!

And then i can try to recover the pics but i got a little pics….sigh….damn it…very sad TT

but i still have the pic for Taiwan Trip – Day 7

This is Taipei city ,We are reach

Snapshot !!

My Niece ^^

My Honey

Find some breakfast !!

Again !!

Train !!

And met Aum’s friend

Her again !!

Fine some lunch !!

Waiting for food !!  hahaha…..she told me always girls like this.

Also waiting

Snapshot !!

Me with Raijin….have Taiwan guy asked me about ur brand P’Pok ,So Hype

Then we went to Night Market !!

A lot !!

Food !!

Play games !!

Very cool here around 9c

Many people in here !!

Food !!

Haha ^^

Food !!

And food !!

So we back to hotel……got a lot of food…haha…fat fat fat

She drank beer…..wowo

Aum’s elder sister

And second sister

And cousin !!

Waiting for something !!

All waiting !!!




Happy New Year 2010 !!!

Hahaha…this April ,i just update blog for Happy New Year 2010


Bye Bye


One Response to “Taiwan Trip – Day 7”

  1. เสื้อเท่ เจ้าของแบร์นโฉด คนดีไซต์โหด คนใส่หล่อ องค์ประกอบที่ครบส่วน…

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