Starting for “My Project” ,Coming Soon !!

This is “my project ” ,we are making the brand ^^ and we r making the brand same as ” Visvim ”

We are thinking the name for us brand…..hard to think and choose

This brand only have me and my bro (Pod)…..haha

And she always beside me and wait me think the name for us brand…….so pretty ^^

So eat

And eat

Thinking hard for us brand……cause we wanna make good brand ,find good material and good cutting same as ” Visvim ”

He still thinking alone…haha

And she go to shopping

And me jus take a pics…..haha…..^^

Thx for ur time thx for ur interest ,we r making the good brand

Coming soon !!!


2 Responses to “Starting for “My Project” ,Coming Soon !!”

  1. ซะที …. ลุย …. ว่าแต่ไอ้นั้นน่ากินวะพาพี่ไปกินมั่งดิ ว่าแต่เหมือนเคยกินที่ไหน ไอ้ชาเขียวจะออกขมๆ

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